Review: FBML Essentials

fbml This is a review of “FBML Essentials” by Jesse Stay

I purchased this book as I was curious how to create a Facebook application for a potential client. In short I simply do not recommend this book, why? Well this book just came out in July and already it is out of date! I couldn’t even get through chapter one because apparently FB just recently changed the signup and developer account setup procedure no shorter than a few weeks after this book was published. I must say however, that after emailing the author, he replied very quickly and provided some errata instructions for other readers.

All in all, the book is a quick read at only 160 or so pages. The book stricly covers how to build an application using FBML (Facebook Markup Language). Honestly however I completely gave up on even bothering to try to figure out how to build an application Facebook as their documentation and setup process was slightly bewildering, very frustrating and unimpressive. I feel that this platform needs to mature before I will give it another look.

Recommended: No, skip it, check out online docs as the service changes so much

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