Local IO write performance in Zinc improved

Looks like the folks over at MDM have improved their local IO write support (windows only) with the release of v3.0.10 of MDM Zinc. This is probably due to Adobe AIR and people’s complaints about the lack of better support for writing ByteArray data to disk in Zinc. Note that this new feature is only available when you are running on a PC
(mac/linux still have to use the old HEX conversion method)

In a previous post I wrote about the slow performance of writing binary data in Zinc. However now it is definitely faster, however still not as fast as writing under Adobe AIR. Regardless, it looks like MDM has listened to their users and made a step to improve things and that is great.

Here is an example of how to write a ByteArray to disk now under 3.0.10. Note this is faster than the old HEX conversion method and is much faster and less code:

var data:ByteArray = // some byte array of your data

Kudos to the folks at MDM for adding this new feature.

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