Prana Framework is now under the Spring umbrella

Great news and I’ve been hoping for this for quite a while. Spring has taken the Prana Framework under its wing and added it as an official Spring extension called Spring Actionscript. Here is another post about this.

When I first got into developing in AS3/Flex this past summer I immediately began looking for some sort of “Spring like” bootstrap/DI container for AS3 apps. Well the playing field was pretty slim. The two main ones out there were SpiceFactory’s Parsley project and the Prana Framework. I tended to like Prana’s because at the time it was much closer to Spring and quite lightweight. I also compared the functionality and activity on the forums and it appeared that Prana was getting more traction. As I posted previously, due to the uncertainty of who would come out the winner in the AS3 IOC world I ended up putting in a light IOC container abstraction layer in my AS3 API as to not be bound too tightly to any one implementation… as my app was only calling variations of <code>getObject()</code> to fetch services etc.

So here we are several months later and with this news that Spring is officially making Prana it’s AS3 extension of Spring, I think we made the right decision. This is great news

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