Review: Spring in Action

siaThis is a review for “Spring in Action” 2nd Edition by Craig Walls

Spring in Action covers 2.0. The book is excellent and walks the reader through the basics of IoC, bean injection, AOP and then on to virtually every major component of this framework. For the database side of things, they cover basic JDBC usage, Hibernate, iBATIS, and JPA etc. Beyond that, Spring-WS, JMS, EJB 2.x and 3, JNDI and JMX integration is given excellent coverage. Then on to the client side it covers Spring MVC, Webflow, how to integrate w/ Struts, WebWork, JSF and even some DWR.

The book is huge covering over 700 pages and mine is currently tagged with about 50 page flags marking off all the topics I need quick access to. I read the book mainly to get up to speed on components I was unfamiliar with and would recommend this to anyone who does anything with Spring. The content in here is excellent and walks you through the entire framework in a logical approach, starting with the simpler stuff up to the advanced.

Recommend: YES
Skills: Java, Intermediate to Advanced. Excellent desk side reference for the heavy user.

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