Review: Spring Recipes

springrecipesThis is a review of the book “Spring Recipes” by Gary Mak

I picked up this book as a supplement to the “Spring in Action” 1st/2nd editions that I have. This book takes the same approach as the O’Reilly Cookbook series and covers Spring 2.5. Basically it is a task/problem oriented book. Each little section addresses a small specific task such as “Unit testing Spring MVC Controllers” or ” Checking Properties with Dependency Checking”. Despite the task oriented recipes approach, the book is still structured in a progressive manner whereby a newcomer to the framework could start reading from the start to the end, learning the basics to the more complex. Each recipe is structured with a “Problem/Solution/How it works” section which presents a consistent approach to all content within the book. The examples are clear and in many places the author provides helpful diagrams to help the reader visualize the relationships involved in a particular problem.

I’ve gone through about 1/2 the book and stopped until I had an actual need for a specific recipe, however I do recommend the book and it is something I have cracked open as I’ve encountered problems.

Recommended: YES
Skills: Java / Beginner’s all the way to Advanced

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