Upgrade to Spring AS 0.8 and others

The Spring Actionscript project is maturing and as they do, they keep teasing apart the entire project. So I am now upgrading from 0.7 to 0.8 and if you are to, here is what you can expect. (change log here)

a) If you were using the older AS3Reflect library, well now they moved that again over to as3commons.reflect. Also note that the ClassNotFoundError which used to be in AS3Reflect has now moved to as3commons.lang. The have been factoring out a lot of stuff, however Spring AS still is dependent on these new libraries so you must download those SWCs and link them in.

b) Looks like as3commons now has a logging package, ugh, yet another! I already have support for Spicelib logging as well as the default Flex logging framework built into my framework, so I guess I might need to take a look at the new as3commons logging to see if I will create an adapter for that.

c) If you are still referencing the older Prana Framework xml schemas in your xmlns declaration (in applicationContext.xml) you will need to update those to use the new schema location over at springactionscript.org. It should look like the below:

<pre><?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <objects xmlns="http://www.springactionscript.org/schema/objects"

d) as3commons.reflect now dumps traces of errors during the pre-instantiation phase for all singletons. This seems to occur for objects who’s constructor expects a non-null parameter, but the reflect code is passing NULL for all parameters. In my case, my app comes up A-OK and functions fine, however if you are running in debug mode you will see all this trace output from as3 reflect.

e) lastly, if you have any sort of a build script, in my case a Groovy GANT script, make sure to update those for the new library dependencies.

Those are the only items I really ran into when upgrading. All my FlexUnit tests passed A-OK so it looks like I am good to go. Good luck.

Also check out the Spring AS docs located here

It looks like since I last looked, they added quite a few new interested features:

a) They fixed the import issue finally, now you can import other XML files as well as import them if they are embedded in your app

b) You can define your app context “xml” within MXML directly inline your Flex app which may be of use

c) Yea! the  “” (blank) value in a value declaration is fixed.

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