Review: Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

pragthink This is a review of “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning” by Andy Hunt.

So this book was a change of pace for my tech book library as it is not really a technical book, but rather a sort of users guide for that piece of software in your head, called your brain. The book explains the science of the brain as well various strategies that you can employ day to day to help your utilize it in new ways….. ways that will force you to think differently thereby allowing you to learn more, absorb more and focus better. The whole point being to permit you to move from being a novice to an expert in whatever field you are pursuing. Overall the book is interesting as the author presents some of the latest in brain research and does a good job explaining how things you normally do, may actually be impeding your progress on becoming an expert in your field of interest.

Recommended? Sure, if you have some spare time grab it. Otherwise, forget it. Wow what a clear recommendation! Basically I am indifferent about this one.

Skill level: None, anyone could read this, but it is biased towards developers. (no specific language)

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