Review: MediaWiki

mediawikiThis is a review of the O’reilly “MediaWiki” book by Daniel J. Barrett

I picked up this book mainly out of curiosity to learn more about the capabilities of this well known platform that Wikipedia is based. I’ve never deployed a wiki other than playing around with developing a Grails plugin which would provide some wiki like functionality.

This book really cover’s it all and is packed with info about MediaWiki. The author does a great job of splitting the book up into 3 main parts.

a) A high level overview, history of wikis, how it all started and how to create yourself an account.

b) A detailed user perspective how-to focus on how to use MediaWiki as a user. It covers all the details about creating/editing articles, wiki markup as well as the “special” pages that MediaWiki provides

c) A detailed administration perspective. This portion of the book covers installation, configuration, customization, changing the appearance, writing and installing extensions (plugins) and day to day administration.

The format of the book is a smaller compact size, perfect to be placed on your desk for quick access if you are a Wiki admin. Overall I would recommend this book if you both use or have to administer a MediaWiki installation. This is a great reference.

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