Review: Cloud Application Architectures

caaThis is a review of the book “Cloud Application Architectures” by George Reese

At about 200 pages, this book packs a lot of solid recommendations on deploying and managing an application within the cloud. The book has an admitted AWS slant, however the author covers two other providers, GoGrid and Rackspace in the appendix. That said, the book does not treat the cloud computing topic with low-level command references or specific examples using AWS; you will not find those here (except a handy AWS command reference in the appendix), however this book covers the higher level application architectural issues within an AWS framework. The book does this nicely as the author covers many issues that face architects who need to deploy to the cloud, from both the technical and business consideration perspectives. This includes such things as application design issues, machine images, performance and disaster recovery, but also security, regulatory compliance and cost issues from the business side of things.

The author gives good coverage to the various issues you will need to keep in mind when it comes to using cloud services, specifically backup strategies, security, strategies, database performance and capacity planning. However when reading this book, one cannot help but to think… “How are these issues that much different than a non-cloud deployment? Why are they more important in the cloud than outside of it?” Well, the answer is that they are not, they apply to both worlds. When it comes to application design, database strategies, backups, security and capacity planning, all of these details and strategies laid out in this book are great advice for operating outside of the cloud as well. But what you will find in this book are some of those AWS nuances that the author has encountered which are very important to be aware of and will vary the ways you approach different problems when using such a service.

That said, I really recommend this book for any architect who wants to learn more about some of the issues you will face when deploying in the cloud, as well as simply a great book on general architectural and business issues that any application will face; whether it is deployed within or outside of a cloud service.

Recommended: Yes
Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced system architects, CTOs etc.

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