Book Review: Professional Cairngorm

This is a review of the book Professional Cairngorm by Jeremy Wischusen. When describing his motivations for writing this book the author tells a story about experience with Flex/AS3 development, but none of it using Cairngorm, then he had a job interview.... And in typical fashion, when he answered no to the "cairngorm experience" question, … Continue reading Book Review: Professional Cairngorm

Book Review: Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server

This is a book review of Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server, by David Smiley and Eric Pugh I picked up this book after hearing about Solr. I was looking into Drupal and trying to see what indexing engines were available for it and the only option that seemed to fit the bill was Solr. It … Continue reading Book Review: Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server