Book Review: Professional Cairngorm

This is a review of the book Professional Cairngorm by Jeremy Wischusen. When describing his motivations for writing this book the author tells a story about experience with Flex/AS3 development, but none of it using Cairngorm, then he had a job interview…. And in typical fashion, when he answered no to the “cairngorm experience” question, the interviewer basically said that if you have not used “Cairngorm” you don’t know anything about Flex/AS3. What a joke! This is a side rant, but I can relate to this guy as I have done about a year and a half of pretty serious AS3 development without Cairngorm, and after having read this book, I really don’t see why Cairngorm is such a major “must know” AS3/Flex MVC framework. The author does a good job covering the history of this framework, and all said and done, it sounds likes some flash developers originally threw the framework together then Adobe Consulting threw its official “stamp of approval” on it, and there you go. Everyone must learn Cairngorm…..

So that said, just take a look at Chapter 3, which describes the Cairngorm’s “ServiceLocator”. Wow, if that does not seem like an overly convoluted set of classes and interfaces just to lookup HTTP/WS/RMI services, then I am not sure what it is.

Moving on….. to the book. This is a decent book, and the author is correct that for a newcomer to Cairngorm, there is not a ton of very good documentation out there for those starting with this framework. The author does a fairly good job of presenting the framework and how it works in a simple straightforward approach. Roughly the first 1/2 of the book is dedicated to discussing the inner working of the major Cairngorm players, the last 1/2 of the book covers a detailed step by step case study (blog app) followed by good coverage of the communities Cairngorm complaints, expert tips and 3rd party extensions.

Complaints about this book: First off I felt like the author may have been rehashing a lot of the material that is already out there, given the many references to official docs and other resources that were cited. The second complaint is the horrible formatting of the code samples. The wrapping of code lines is awful and so is the spacing between methods etc. Very hard to read and they could have done a better job with that.

Overall: Do you need to learn Cairngorm in about a day? Get this book.

Skill levels/Audience: Targeted towards people with zero Cairngorm experience, but intermediate to advanced AS3/Flex experience. Backgrounds with other MVC frameworks is helpful in understanding the material. This book is NOT for people brand new to Flex/AS3.

FYI, last year I played around with PureMVC, and this year (2010) after reading this book, I am going to make an effort to do at least one or two projects using Cairngorm. Lets see how it goes and I will report back!

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