Review: LDAP System Administration

So after many years of not having a chance to really touch LDAP, I finally ended up getting this old O’reilly classic on LDAP. Overall the book is a short read at ~250 pages or so, but it covers about everything you will need to know about it. I was particularly interested in the types of supported attributes an schemas and the book covers that primarily in the beginning. The author uses OpenLDAP for all his examples. The book also covers various integration methods (i.e. using it for auth over PAM etc, and how to talk to it via Perl). Now obviously nowadays people talk to it via a much wider array of languages today (this book was written in 2003?) but the Perl examples will get you started in an easy to follow manner. I am currently looking to migrate a large LDAP “database” over to an RDBMS implementation, however this book did not really cover that…but its pretty self explanatory given the issues involved with taking flat data and moving it to relational.

Lastly the book does touch on clients but all examples are from the standard client command line tools. I’ve searched around and have ended up using Apache Directory Studio. Its nice but I’ve had problems with schema data being cached and/or not properly updating when the schema is changed on the server.

Overall I would skip this book as I think the info available online regarding LDAP will get you up to speed just as well!

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