Review: Oracle Essentials

Recently I wanted to get a higher level overview of Oracle and some details about it, given most of my experience has been with DB2.. I’m not in the DBA role, I’m just using SQL Developer for basic work and Oracle Express (their free single instance, like the free DB2 edition) but its always good to have the high level. So I picked up this book (~300 pages). I am currently using 10g but this book covers 11g, however I most of the basics are applicable. The book starts out with sort of a sales pitch (at least that’s how I took it) by providing an overview of the suite of oracle products within the 11g sphere. From then it covers the architecture of the platform and then its on to the typing (data types, triggers, the basics etc). This was the section I was primarily interested in. From there they cover performance, concurrency, OLTP and HA. Overall I would rate this book as excellent as it gives the reader a fairly high to mid level overview of the critical parts of the platform, leaving the reader with an idea of what they need, a good understanding and the knowledge of where to look online next for the details.

Would I recommend this read? Yes, go get it if you want to brush up on the latest with Oracle.

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