Review: Real World Java EE Patterns

I picked this book up a while back after looking for a book on Java EE patterns. The mainstream standard seemed to be the Core J2EE Patterns book, but the more I looked at it it just seemed outdated. So when I found Adam’s book just the title looked practical “Rethinking Best Practices”. So in short I’ve finally read it and was quite impressed. This is a great book. The author basically goes through the standard patterns and tackles each one by explaining its overall objective, the forces at play, a bit how it works, THEN… the big part how to re-think it in the context of Java EE ejb3/3.1. For example the author does a good job explaining how DAO’s are now simply replaced by JPA’s EntityManager and everyone should really re-consider if they still need this abstraction layer in green field projects. Although he does admit that they can still serve a purpose as a place to consolidate boilerplate, common EntityManager related code. Regardless, pattern by pattern, the author does a great job giving real world examples of how these standard patterns can be modified or adapted to the ejb3 realm. (He also covers which J2EE patterns can now be retired). One of my favorite parts of the book which gave me a great glimpse on how to tackle an immediate problem I am faced with was “Dependency Injection Extender” pattern. This will come in use for me as we have a Spring codebase which we will want to utilize in a JBoss environment. I’d like to use @Inject and JSR330 but our container (JBoss 5) does not yet support that. So by using this pattern with interceptors I think we will be able to annotate our beans, test them outside of JBoss, yet still wire everything up properly using this idea presented in the book.

Downsides to the book? Some of the headings, intros to subsections are not bolded in the text when it appears they should have been.

Overall, 5 out of 5 for this book. I recommend it! You can tell this was written by someone with a ton of experience under their belt.

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