Encrypting and storing powershell credentials

Please see: https://github.com/bitsofinfo/powershell-credential-encryption-tools

Recently I had the need to store some credentials for a powershell script (i.e. credentials that I ultimately needed in a PSCredential object). The other requirement is that these credentials be portable and “user” independent, meaning that they could not be encrypted using the DPAPI (windows data protection api) as that binds the “secret” used for the encryption to the currently logged in user (which reduces your portability and usage of these encrypted credentials). The way to avoid this is to specify the secret key parameters in the ConvertTo-SecureString and ConvertFrom-SecureString commands which will force it to use AES (strength determined by your key size)

I ended up coding a few powershell scripts that assist with the creation of a JSON AES-256 encrypted credentials file + secret key, as well as functions you can include in other powershell scripts to load these credentials into usable formats such as PSCredentials, SecureStrings etc.

Please see: https://github.com/bitsofinfo/powershell-credential-encryption-tools

NOTE! The most important thing about using the output from this tool, is properly locking down (i.e. file permissions) the secret key!

The format of the resulting file looks something like this:

{ "username" : "AESEncryptedValue", "password": "AESEncryptedValue" }

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