The Tyk API Gateway is still a gem

A team I work with has been using the Tyk API Gateway for several years now in production. Its a solid api gateway platform that just runs and runs in the background so you can go about other things. In other words: reliable.

Sure we’ve had experienced some hiccups along the way; but early on when developing a solution based around Tyk, the Tyk community and team themselves were super responsive on github and in forums in fixing bugs and making enhancements, even for some pretty edge-level use-cases in their plugin architecture.

Since my initial experience with I’ve continued to be impressed with the ability to customize its capabilities w/ their plugin system. Its super powerful and you can enhance its capabilities with just about any language out there. I wrote an article on this previously which you can read here:

In any case it was cool to be a recipient of their 2019 community awards ( Thanks again to the Tyk team for making and standing by a killer api gateway w/ some great community support and attention to the details (even if you are just a normal non-paying user of the gateway!)

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