Migrating APIs to Tyk

In the recent past I was helping on a project who’s objective was to migrate off of a very costly proprietary appliance based API gateway solution, and move into a cheaper alternative; preferably an open source api gateway offering. The main challenge was that a large percentage of the APIs to be migrated were legacy […]

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Book review: Building Microservices

Recently I read Sam Newman’s “Building Microservices” , at ~280 pages its a fairly quick read. The reviews on this book overall are mixed and I can see where readers are coming from. By the title of this book one might expect some coverage of some of the microservices frameworks out there, concrete examples, maybe […]

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Executing stateful shell commands with Node.js – powershell, bash etc

Hoping this will be useful for others out there, I’ve posted some code that could to serve as a lower level component/building block in a node.js application who has a need to mediate interaction with command line programs on the back-end. (i.e. bash shells, powershell etc.) The project is on github @ stateful-process-command-proxy and also […]

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Dropwizard Java REST services

To sum it up; Dropwizard rocks. I’ve done quite a bit of WS development both the on client side and server side; interacting with both SOAP, REST and variants of XML/JSON RPC hybrid services. For my latest project I need to expose a set of REST services to a myriad of clients: phones, fat JS […]

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Securing Foscam IP camera access over SSL with Apache reverse proxying

UPDATED: 5/7/14 Important security vulnerabilities for Foscam cameras http://blog.shekyan.com/2014/05/cve-2014-1849-foscam-dynamic-dns-predictable-credentials-vulnerability.html http://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2013-2560/ http://www.slideshare.net/SergeyShekyan/d2-t1-sergey-shekyan-and-artem-harutyunyan-turning-your-surveillance-camera-against-you UPDATED: 9/27/13  (The solution below does not include audio support; for audio over stunnel please see this post over at warped.org) Recently I was assisting a local business setup their Foscam IP cameras and make them remotely accessible for monitoring purposes from anywhere in […]

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