Encrypting and storing powershell credentials

Please see: https://github.com/bitsofinfo/powershell-credential-encryption-tools Recently I had the need to store some credentials for a powershell script (i.e. credentials that I ultimately needed in a PSCredential object). The other requirement is that these credentials be portable and "user" independent, meaning that they could not be encrypted using the DPAPI (windows data protection api) as that binds … Continue reading Encrypting and storing powershell credentials

Encrypting Logstash data

Note, the patch described below is now merged into the official logstash-filter-cipher plugin as of January 2016, version 2.0.3 UPDATE: Note the pending patch to fix various issues and add random IV support for encrypting logstash event messages is located here here: https://github.com/logstash-plugins/logstash-filter-cipher/pull/3 Logstash can consume a myriad of data from many different sources and … Continue reading Encrypting Logstash data