Microservices with Spring Cloud & Docker

Recent use-case with microservices using spring cloud and docker

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Book review: Building Microservices

Recently I read Sam Newman’s “Building Microservices” , at ~280 pages its a fairly quick read. The reviews on this book overall are mixed and I can see where readers are coming from. By the title of this book one might expect some coverage of some of the microservices frameworks out there, concrete examples, maybe […]

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Dropwizard Java REST services

To sum it up; Dropwizard rocks. I’ve done quite a bit of WS development both the on client side and server side; interacting with both SOAP, REST and variants of XML/JSON RPC hybrid services. For my latest project I need to expose a set of REST services to a myriad of clients: phones, fat JS […]

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Integrating Restlet with Spring

For those of you out there who would like to get Restlet 2.0 (currently the M5) release up integrated with your existing Spring application, hopefully this post will be of some help. I recently had to do this and unfortunately the documentation related to Spring integration on the Restlet site is scattered across various docs […]

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Review: RESTful Web Services

This is a book review for “RESTful Web Services” by Leonard Richardson and Sam Ruby If you want to get under the hood and really understand how to properly implement a RESTful web service then this book is for you. The treatment of the topic is excellent. After reading this book, I feel that so […]

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