Validate chart installs with Helm Hook based health checks

"Validate chart installs with Helm Hook based health checks"... now that's a mouthful. While working on developing a set of pretty generic Helm charts to deploy various apps a specific need arose to validate that a chart installation or upgrade succeeded or failed. Given the apps being deployed by these charts all exposed some sort … Continue reading Validate chart installs with Helm Hook based health checks

Kubernetes vs Swarm: the most basic primer

Context Docker Swarm is a great orchestration tool for getting into container orchestration platforms and an excellent starting point for simple to moderately complex workloads and app deployment topologies. A lot of companies still use it, and it works pretty well for production workloads; however for long running clusters you may start to run into … Continue reading Kubernetes vs Swarm: the most basic primer

Slack Slash Command security

Slack "Slash Commands" can be a very useful tool to write a CLI to interact with other applications that you manage. In short the contract works something like this; from within a slack channel that the commands are available you would type: /my-command [text arguments] Seems simple enough, however you need to implement a REST … Continue reading Slack Slash Command security

Batch processing commands

If you secure your entire infrastructure at the transport layer with end to end SSL for both internal and external traffic, then you likely have a ton of endpoints, each with their own SSL software stacks and a wide array of different certificates, some CA signed, others not etc. Both the amount of these and … Continue reading Batch processing commands

Mocking a rate limiting endpoint 429

Ever have some client code that needs to call another endpoint which rate limits you? Join the club. I recently did, and honestly I didn't care at all about the ONE particular rest client that needed to backoff appropriately when the 429s were being barfed back; instead what I did care about was implementing a … Continue reading Mocking a rate limiting endpoint 429

Migrating APIs to Tyk

In the recent past I was helping on a project who's objective was to migrate off of a very costly proprietary appliance based API gateway solution, and move into a cheaper alternative; preferably an open source api gateway offering. The main challenge was that a large percentage of the APIs to be migrated were legacy … Continue reading Migrating APIs to Tyk