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So after many years have passed in my career in software development I decided it was time to share my thoughts on technology, as well as to provide fixes for strange problems that I encounter day to day. Hopefully as this blog grows, the latter will be of help to those looking for answers on similar issues who end up here after a search for some particular error code etc.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have exposure to of all sorts of new technologies and have been lucky to have my hands in a wide array of platforms, frameworks and technologies. My professional experience covers a wide array of technologies in a deployment stack including networking, infrastructure management, building complex software service layers as well as the front end side of things.

When I encounter a problem that needs to be solved, I figure others have the same issue, so why not post it here!

Please checkout my github repo’s at https://github.com/bitsofinfo for tools that may be of use to others.

Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope this blog may be of some use to others out there having to deal with a problem, fix a bug or learn something new!

One thought on “[$]> whois bits.of.info

  1. hi, have just discovered your blog (i used to know about you a few years ago when i tried powershell-command-executor).
    Just to leave you a comment that i really appreciate your blog, (your other repo seems really interresting) and all your well illustrated articles will soon have no mystery for me 😉


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